Queer, trans, and deacon: a reflection on being commissioned

I’ll be wearing my clergy collar after today – a lot. On most days, in fact. For sure there is a small element of “it’s been such a long, hard road, you better believe I’m gonna wear a collar.” But more so, its that being a deacon is embedded in my sense of self and identity. I have always been called to the intersections of church and society, to queer that bifurcation through word, service, compassion, and justice.


She burns that high spot
in your stomach
and you double over clutching
grasping for any sense of reality
because surely

This is not yours.

Meat//Matter: a Poem

The physical certainty and mortality of our bodies connects us to one another, and is a central part of what constructs a human story. The workings of the brain, and its symbolic representative, the head, are particularly fascinating to me as I have developed a theology of embodiment, and a theology that considers the realities and implications of scientific fact.