Sacred and Subversive: Queer Perspectives on the Future of Religious and Spiritual Communities is a blog and book anthology in progress.

The book and the blog seek to offer queer perspectives on spirituality (or faith) and spiritually-based communities.

Embracing our queerness changes our relationship to faith, spiritual tradition, and our relationship with all of the world around us. Queer people change faith communities by providing unique and necessary challenges to dominant spiritual hierarchies. Our communities—spiritual and otherwise—grow and thrive with the welcoming inclusion  of queer people.

I hope to envision spirituality with a queer perspective, to encourage and guide communities to be queer-inclusive by fostering a wider queer multifaith community. It all starts with respecting and holding space for individuals’ stories.

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Site Editor And Anthology Co-Editor

Jera Brown is a queer progressive Christian who is also exploring Buddhist and Pagan ideologies. They received their MFA at Columbia College Chicago and work as a freelance writer. Their personal blog is scarletchurch.com. Their Rebellious Magazine column, Just the Tip, provides interviews with experts and compassionate advice on less-often covered sex and relationship topics.

Anthology Co-Editor

Jen Deerinwater is a citizen of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, bisexual, Two Spirit, multiply-disabled journalist, speaker, and organizer who covers the myriad of issues hir communities face with an intersectional lens. Jen is the founding executive director of Crushing Colonialism, a Disability Futures fellow, and the co-creator and co-host of the Decolonized News Hour on The Real News Network.