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Sacred and Subversive offers queer perspectives on spirituality and faith as a lived and embodied practice.

Fully embracing our queerness changes our relationship to faith, spiritual tradition, and our relationship with all of the world around us. Queer people change faith communities by providing unique and necessary challenge to dominant spiritual hierarchies. Our communities, spiritual and otherwise, grow and thrive with the presence of queer people.

Sacred and Subversive envisions spirituality from a queer perspective. The site is meant to encourage and guide communities to be queer-inclusive by fostering a wider queer multifaith community. It starts with respecting and holding space for individuals’ stories, and how those stories speak to the presence of the ongoing revelation of love created in queer spiritual space.

What I’m seeking:

Personal reflections on the intersections of queerness and spirituality. Where is the sacred and the subversive in your life and how do they function together or not?

I seek submissions from all religious backgrounds and traditions, including those who identify as atheist or folks who do not belong to spiritual community.

Here are some things to consider to get you started:


  • How has a community’s queer-acceptance or lack of it impacted your place in it?
  • What are specific ways in which you have felt welcomed and accepted? How could we foster that in all our communities?
  • How have the role of queer and spiritual communities changed you over time?

The Divine

  • How has your queerness changed the way you see (or your relationship to) the Divine?
  • What is one specific moment where you poignantly felt your queerness and your spiritual lives connect?

Submission Agreement

$50 for never before published essays.

Essays previously posted on a personal blog will also be considered (without payment).

I will do light edits or request light revision. Consent is key with editing as well. Editing will be a collaborative and consensual process.

Subversive and Sacred retains exclusive publication rights for three months (after which the artist is free to republish on their own site or elsewhere), and the right to republish in the future. Sacred and Subversive requests that future online posts link back to this site as the original publisher. By agreeing to publication on this site, you agree to these terms.

How to Submit

Send questions, pitches, or full posts to sacredandsubversive@gmail.com. I’ll take posts in the body of an email, Microsoft word attachments, or google docs. Please also send a small biography along with your post.

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